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Tri-State Climate Coalition

We can fix climate change

But we're running out of time
Our leaders aren't taking climate change seriously—so it's up to us to stop it

We have no more than 20 years to stop climate change. If we don't lower the world's overall carbon dioxide emissions to zero before 2040 , global warming will become unstoppable and give rise to unthinkable chaos and devastation.

In an ideal world, the U.S. federal government would react to this news by converting the country into a climate change fighting machine like it did when it turned the U.S. into a war machine to fight World War II. Or it would create a federal agency to stop climate change like it did when it founded NASA to put a man on the moon.

But we’re not living in an ideal world, so it’s up to us to get a "Climate Change Moonshot" going.

Two-Part Solution for Stopping Climate Change

Climate change can be stopped with a two-part approach:

  1.   powering the world with renewable energy
  2.   extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere

By switching to renewable energy and extracting CO2 while the changeover takes place, we can keep climate change from getting worse, and once we’re fully powered by renewable energy, continued CO2 extraction can give us back a healthy climate .

Sun, wind, tides, and geothermal heat are currently being utilized as power sources around the world, and it’s fully possible right now to power civilization without CO2-releasing fossil fuels.

CO2 extraction is halfway there. We can easily pull CO2 out of the atmosphere, but we need ways to use the CO2 once we’ve extracted it. Industries that produce biofertilizers, carbon nanofiber materials, and fuel from CO2 would make large-scale CO2 extraction viable and would be an economic boon to the communities that develop them.

The world is on the cusp of creating the CO2 industries that are vital to the world’s efforts to stop global warming. In the meantime, we can get started on capturing CO2 for the beverage, greenhouse, and industrial gas industries that already exist.

The 15-minute documentary Carbon Negative lays out the powerful possibilities of CO2 extraction.

Climate Change Moonshot

We need resources to launch a successful Climate Change Moonshot, and the combined resources of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island should be able to accomplish the task. The CT, MA, and RI legislatures can pave the way for a Moonshot by passing laws that foster the creation of renewable energy power plants and CO2 industries.

Bills that address these issues are being written for Rhode Island. They will be submitted to the Rhode Island General Assembly during their 2018 legislative session. The bills can then be taken up by Connecticut and Massachusetts legislators and introduced to the Connecticut General Assembly and Massachusetts General Court.

Once these bills are passed, more bills will be written to advance our transition to renewable energy. As CT, MA, and RI build CO2 industries, they will work cooperatively by sharing information about their projects, and when our CO2 industries have been developed, we will share our systems with the world so that every state and nation can start their own CO2 extraction programs.

How You Can Help

We need you to contact your state legislators  to ask them to sign our Climate Change Pledge. When bills are submitted, we will need you to call your legislators again to ask them to vote for the bills. State legislators pay attention to constituent phone calls, and your calls are an effective way to motivate your legislators to act. Your family and friends will also listen to you, and you can help build the movement by getting them to call their legislators, too.

Take a look at our list of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island legislators to see if they’ve signed the pledge. If they haven’t, call them, ask them to look at the pledge on fixclimatechange.com , and ask them to sign. If they’ve already signed, give them a call to thank them for signing.

Follow our Facebook page. When bills are submitted in 2018, our Facebook feed will let you know what the bills are and how to talk to your legislator about about voting for them.

If you want to help build the coalition, write to us at tristateclimate@gmail.com to talk about what more you can do.

Climate Change Pledge

This is the pledge we want our state legislators to take:

"As a state legislator, I recognize that climate change is an immense threat to my state. In response to that threat, I pledge my support for a two-part solution to climate change that stops CO2 emissions and pulls CO2 out of the atmosphere.

“I will vote for every bill that moves my state forward toward powering itself with renewable energy.

“I will vote for all bills that move my state toward building CO2 extraction plants and establishing CO2 industries, especially industries that sequester carbon.

“I will also vote against all bills that create new fossil fuel power plants, regardless of how the CO2 generated by the power plants is captured or used.”

See who has signed the pledge. Legislators can sign by writing to tristateclimate@gmail.com.